when in doubt...pull-out!
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Conversation of the week...

bo barret and juan antonio of pull out method discussing a very serious issue...

TDBy182: i think i'm impatent
doGGy do 182: why

TDBy182: my penis won't get up
doGGy do 182: so
doGGy do 182: that doesn't mean you're impotent

TDBy182: that sucks
doGGy do 182: maybe you're looking at girls
doGGy do 182: try looking at guys
doGGy do 182: that alawys works for me

TDBy182: it's been like that for 3 days

doGGy do 182: word?
doGGy do 182: you kidding?
TDBy182: nah serious yo, but i havn't tried to get it up so maybe i dunno
doGGy do 182: well duh

doGGy do 182: try some gay porn

doGGy do 182: it's a great picker upper
doGGy do 182: if you know what i mean
TDBy182: i'll try

TDBy182: brb
this is exactly why you shouldn't doubt...just pull out!  otherwise you'll have a  limp dick like bo