when in doubt...pull-out!
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name: juan
age: 18
relation to band: guitar/vocals
fave food: mostly anything
fave bands: NOFX, rancid, the vandals, the queers, screeching weasel,blink, box car,  afi, transplants, distillers,  operation ivy,  and many more
hobbies:  guitar, swim, girls, boys, whatevaa
aol & aim sn: crappypunkrock7, doGGy do 182


name: china man bo
age: 18
relation to band: bass/vocals
hobbies: long walks on the side of the road, bowling, using my instrument(I play bass too)
Fav. Food: Burritos (they give you lot's of protein)
Fav. Bands: Blink, Green Day, Mest, Rancid, NFG,
Backstreet Boys, Good Charlotte, Sloppy, NOFX, HomeGrown, The Screamers, Ten Foot Pole, and more


name: ryan
age: 20
relation to band: drums
fave bands: i guess same as some of bo's or something i don't know
fave food: mexican
hobbies or whatever: getting loaded, getting loaded, getting loaded and maybe playing drums